What happens when there is only hate or love, an in between is indifference. Constructive criticism what is it then? and love is what one is compelled to feel.

Social media is a compass and it is also a destination where we make ourselves for audience. It is more to represent than anything else. Yes we have conversations and storming outburst are almost a definite way to make headlines, and having lots of followers. What does social media and branding do to creativity and how we perceive creativity? Shopping, any kind of consuming is creating your persona and a voice nowadays. It is telling of what one stands for. Shopping beautiful objects, perfectly designed and then be seen around and in these objects. Instagram is a place where one can hype one’s lifestyle for everyone to see and admire. It is an interesting phenomenon combining modern thinking of what creativity is and makes way to wonder creativity in pop culture, in contemporary world where posing as an active maker of images with technology makes everyone a professional, an icon, a model. To represent something on Instagram and in today’s world there must be a clear style, specific choices made where one stands, stands for and what kinds of things and values one represents. There is a completely out blown way to sell products and brands by telling they represent creative thinking, progress, creative making. The future which is sold with the product is revealed, owned and being made with special defined and refined accessibility, originality, excess, consciousness and creative solutions. Buyer makes together with producer the product by wanting it, showing it, using it, living with it and looking for another, a better one, which brings something different, novel feel of continuity, surprise, feeling of extraordinary and luxurious in to everyday. It is curious to analyse feed of pictures which show a lifestyle and are a product at the same time. To analyse the impact, motifs and motives, desires, needs of the maker and the viewer is to analyse the world we live in
On the video of Rich Kids on Instagram (Cutting the edge) there are sentences like one picture tells a thousand words and of course, there are haters, they make me the money. Opinions of haters and the amount of negative feedback is essential to make fame and to be able to ignore and use for one’s benefit the pure force of public lashing is a big help. With help of finance and security of money it really does not matter what people say. It is all business. Hating is a way of showing interest.
What is striking is how traditional gender roles are for the rich and within Instagram culture. Is it because there is a flow of women bringing themselves forward wanting attention from rich men? Women scream when a man pours champagne on them like children, they seem very helpless walking on the highest heels possible and lean on men. Women in that world still look for male assistance, look to be used and men enjoy the cattle. Strength is in the wealth. It is boldness, arrogance, exploitation and indifference, it is ability to use wealth in any way possible and brag about it. There is no interest or need to change how women are, even women don’t seem to mind. It is cluelessness how they must behave and act out because luxury is about sex, not caring and showing off. To win is to like all this culture has to offer.
Femininity is a tool and an asset. Ultra femininity is a power look where other people do the work, although posing is work too. Women seeking to be trophies even though they have all the means to do otherwise is very odd. Is it an easy way to live? Is it an instant life thinking it is the best way to live? Obviously. What is lasting and does the result matter? Interest is in the now and in the future, where deals and money are made. These people live their lives without interest in the outside world, rather escape anything that reminds of the outside, other than what to gain from it. Interest in rich people in general is the same as interest in royalty.
On video below there are rich Asian women who create businesses of their own on the side of spending their parents’ wealth. They have the freedom of realising any idea possible. It is feminist wave that has reached these women, to allow women to live as they please, which in a strict patriarchal policing culture like China has is quite new.