Need for the aesthetic

Beginning from where we look at. What we look for to look at is a beginning from where we look at, how we learn to look and see where things begin, where vision begins and where it ends. To like, to dislike, have emotions mix with the seen, with everything that is in front of our eyes has meaning, is something, is there for a reason. To think about those reasons for visions, landscapes, why they are there and how they change, are altered into something other. To feel the difference, incapability when things change without you, it is because they must be changed, moved to be other than it was visually, functionally, concretely for some other purpose. How in everything we look at there is a purpose. It, everything, is for us, not for itself. Do we even have to ground this taken for granted situation, where the self-evident is the need, utility, purpose is for us, defined by us. Aesthetic builds out from purpose, purpose is what we see, what we look at is practical. It is what we approve of like natural continuation to happening of nature as natural as we can be and do.