Open derogation of women in art, in anywhere where power position is to be had and fought for.

It could be any scene, science, technology, on the street, in school and at work. Justification is that women who are harassed should feel happy and satisfied for harassment as man is paying attention and noticing women and what women have got, giving them thanks for existing and looking beautiful. When I face harassment I do not feel happiness, harassment is harassment. It is humiliation usually in public to rip off any dignity and power. I strongly think my world view is completely opposite to the person who thinks harassing is a good way to give feedback and show interest. Harasser is not interested in how women feel and what makes women feel happy and good about themselves because to harass is for harasser to feel good about himself. Harasser does not respect women or how women think. Women are only bodies and disposable ones for harasser, not capable of doing what men do, not equal, not even possessing the same rights as men since women do not have the same amount of power as males traditionally do. For harasser power is visible and physical strength, threat and right to take whatever he pleases. Harasser does not see how strong women have to be in a world of harassing and bullying because only thing he sees is himself and only thing he values is bodily power, physical authority which he thinks is superior.

So when women enter scenes populated and ruled by men it is clear there is no respect to be had for trying to enter and take the jobs men have, or maybe even be better at what men do. People who find indecency and poking (testing what someone can take) grown up and suitable ways to interact do not have any idea what other person is, that one is facing a human being with history, feelings and thoughts but a threat. For lot of men women are a threat in lot of ways. Such matter as sensibility, respect and decency are of course not relevant to harasser because only he is someone with potential and right to act anyway he wants. He takes, acts, does and someone else gives to him what he want. It is like interacting with a child and patterns of thought are very simple. After having got what he wanted object can be discarded. Harassing is meant to humiliate and it is very strange when harasser states that he is giving a compliment by showing interest and that woman should be grateful when she gets attention.