About talking and that silence is golden. Meaning of talk.

Forming sentences, meanings, hypotheses, opinions, thoughts verbalized out loud including body language, personality, identity, what and who somebody is and stands for. Once it is said it cannot be unsaid. How we choose what we talk about, what interests us in this time. My observations are somewhat appalling in terms of why we talk. We want to fill something empty, statue ourselves as rightly self-centered, righteous and knowledgeable, entertain, throw dirt, state ourselves as performing individuals. Not so strangely I make the conclusion that the more self-centered we are the more other people’s businesses interest us and hit the levels of talk. Little I wonder is it lack of confidence more than self-love.

The more information we have the more we use it to benefit ourselves against someone. Anything is a message that can be taken and formed into whatever meaning depending who evaluates the message. This is important: who evaluates the information, into what kind of form it gets made. What kind of tools there are in use, from what kind of angle and perspective the issue is looked at and why. The questions on having, gaining, being on top, not letting that other get something, to make a clear distinction in between seems to be a norm. Is it about seeing those others there as competition in the way that need to be shut down. Do we wish to talk our ways in, talk to make an image of ourselves, present ourselves as talkative personalities of this time who are in control.