“nice :-)” To cheat for beauty, to lie for beauty is kind of against beauty. I guess you have to define what is beautiful. Most people stick to the surface and are happy with that lovely picture.

Whose reality is this. Running free or just running till you die, isn’t life a survival game, aren’t we in reality-show? According to Thomas Hobbes’s version of determinism people are automata, moving at the insistence of mechanical forces, which are constraining straitjacket for the world. Nothing is unknown or uncertain, there is no deviation of the inevitable play of forces. Future is already defined by the present. Statement by Pierre-Simon Laplace: The future, like the past would be present before its eyes. Mechanism, it seemed had banished free will; plainly put by Philip Ball in Critical Mass, How one thing leads to another, 2004, clarifying dynamics of our world. World and the book working on many levels filled with history and science. Helping us to comprehend the evolving human race through understanding tiny particles in us and around, how the world functions on a level of atoms and what it all has got to do with our behaviour. What is it that world does? What do we do in it? Atoms, cells, electricity, importance of movement, finding out what is heat, energy. Important and sadly self-evident phenomenons to us. Or do we need to know how the world works? How does human mind work. Should we keep on living according to what is traditional, according to make-believe and what the Holy Books say? 

Petra Berlin you are not a Feminist? Do You believe in equality? It really does not show…It is sad there are women like you. Cheers to Germany. Please, I’m waiting for your reply. Please. There are lots of people who like to chat, that is all to them. That is all they have, fucking chit chat. I was hoping to get some dots from Muztaffa, Hey muztaffa gimme some dots. Waiting for your reply. Really. Impressed. See ya. In hell.
Mustafa kirjoitti:
“Diana Ross-Upside down”
Raul kirjoitti:
“uffff!!!!… ufff!!!! Biografía.”
Narco kirjoitti:
“upside down _ boy u turn me”
Tara kirjoitti:
“I prefer from her ¨I´m coming out¨, it´s a perfect song to wake up to. Try it. It´s an order.”

Mustafa Sabbagh12 ottobre 2010 alle ore 3.52
Vs: ?
i was really sorry to run was out of time,,,and i maen what i say,,,hope to see you soon,,,,
Mustafa lähetti sinulle viestin.
Mustafa Sabbagh
Mustafa Sabbagh12 ottobre 2010 alle ore 3.46
Vs: ?
was great,,,and really happy have a big time pleas,,,my real and lovely hug,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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