I love Sylvester.

And Brigitte.

By the Way, If it’s the bitter ones who criticize the Arts, why do you care? I Would like to know. Isolated elitism is exactly that –  isolated. The problems I have faced in the Arts are severe, real, totally weird, obscene, sadistic and I have plenty of reason for critique and a loud one. It’s cruelty that bothers and shocks me. Exactly the same cruelty that any religious group gives to non believers and those who don’t live by the Book. Responses I have got have been rather hilarious. Do you want examples? (Hate to be right. Prove me wrong, please.) Little posh group likes to keep it’s little posh group as they are, as it is, of course. It tells more about you than of me. Congratulations. Lolling and can’t help it. Fortune and Glory, fortune and glory, A lovely couple.

But the most important line today and always is: Love your fellow-man and woman as they are, not for what you can gain from them. Please, Art is a civilized business. So no stealing, stalking, backstabbing or exploitation of artists’ work, right? Right. Oh sorry, that’s more than one line, apologies.