Tears for Cheers, or something

My Special Greetings to You in the Precious Name of Our Lord Who Cause us to Triumph Always.Perhaps this would go down as the most difficult letter i will ever attempt to write in my life.I am not sure that it will adequately conveys the remorse I feel at this moment how do I begin my story? How do I tell this story without shedding tears “Tears of sorrow” Oh God I think you for giving me this opportunity to air my view and to share this story with someone like you. I am in my home in pains. I am now hoping on anyone whom will help us to transfer the sum of 850,000 euro that i inherited from my late father and use this money for charity since i am not going to be able to use this money any more and Before this cancer will take my life. I solicit the assistance of any Godly minded person of good will to help me, so that I can transfer this money out of here for charity and if possible receive medical treatment as soon as possible and without delay before this cancer will take my life .