Foundation of the Unknown

My first idea was The foundation of the Unknown Artist which this also is without an office and for now without means. So it still is a dream or a utopian need and deed in the making as we like to have concrete things to prove something is happening and real. Main idea is to realize ideas that benefit a community, a neighbourhood, city or some entity to evolve. One point is to study what is art, what is evolving art, the evolving or progress of art, meaning of art in everyday life, how do we define it to death and how we hinder ourselves from doing art and from doing the unknown unexpected.

My meaning is to be very down to earth. It is an idea to raise money for everybody to realize ideas of theirs locally in the suburbs where people live and would like to contribute to. It is to find new ways of making the suburb for people and with. Pointing out that ambition can benefit many instead of one. This dream is to have a foundation that would support financially artists working on any field of the arts, also those who do not consider them artists professionally. Foundation focusing on realizing ideas, projects, any kind of artistically interesting goals and finding out what is interesting and which things hold purpose for contemporary people in their environment. Ideas of individuals and groups that aim to seek the unknown, marginal, borders of minds, explore landscapes, create new ones and help humanity in finding and renewing instead of destroying. Helping people in finding themselves what there is there where they live, what else could it be and what would they want their area of living to be like and offer.

This is to ask and question what do we know and what is the unknown in us and around. What do we want to know what is around and close by and what do we want for our communities.

I have just begun.