Declaration of Human Rights and the reality. How do we find equality?

Is it even possible? Declaration of Human Rights from year 1948 distinctly puts out basic needs and requirements for people to find good life. As distinctly it is true although UN vowed after the Second World War to act against such cruelty and atrocities that took place during the war there has not been anything done that would have stopped genocides and ethnic cleansing from happening till this day. UN has been slow in stopping, acting out, punishing, revealing crimes against humanity and finding criminals. For example US has been involved in many cases which clearly have shown to be acts against international law, human rights and any kind of right mind.
Declaration of Human Rights is a utopia and a dream of people who like to speak beautifully, reality turns out to be different. Still it is document worth having. When will this document manifest itself in real life is yet to be seen and when will UN keep given vows. I can hear the defensive arguments. Of course you cannot stop mass murder from happening. It happens all the time. During war in Bosnia women were put to rape camps, like in Congo where rape has been common tool of using power and taking dignity of women. By shaming, raping, humiliating and killing wars go on.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights